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HarborOne Mortgage has recently become aware of a scam that is being perpetrated partially in our name and we don’t want anyone to fall victim to it. If you have you received a UPS package containing a money order to become a mystery shopper or other money making opportunity that appears to be sent from HarborOne Mortgage; you could be the recipient of a scam. Scammers will often recruit “mystery shoppers” using a check or money order sent to your home. Then, they’ll request you return a certain amount of money back. Before you know it, your bank will declare the check or money order as counterfeit and you may be on the hook for any money withdrawn from your account or wired to scammers. HarborOne Mortgage does not employ any secret shoppers or solicit money making opportunities. If you have received an unexpected UPS package that appears to be from us you can call 800-877-8686 and ask to speak to someone in our Risk Department.

Holmdel Branch Directory

Chris Connolly
NMLS # 404114
Greg Wareham
NMLS # 413856
John M. White
NMLS # 1887349
John Rondi
NMLS # 413525
John Santarpia
NMLS # 1082127
Kevin Kilbride
NMLS # 767963
Michael Campanaro
NMLS # 409889
Michael Hunt
NMLS # 918049
Paul Lenskold
NMLS # 90259
Richard Rondi
NMLS # 418704
Sean Rocco
NMLS # 799411
Varughese John

NMLS # 410165
Steven Blaine
NMLS # 1669780

About the Holmdel Branch

Our mission is to provide you with exceptional customer service. As a partner with you in the home financing process, we will provide you with updated market information and a variety of lending programs to meet your individual needs.

In addition, we are committed to keeping you informed throughout the loan process, and we are here to answer questions, explain options and eliminate hassles and worry along the way.

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